Sunday, 13 March 2011

Status Update

Way, way overdue.

3rd Year Project;

Working on 'Inbetween a Fable' for Jake Jones, my work thus far has included;
-Line cleaning for an animation section
-Colouring work on a second animation section
-Colouring work on a third animation section

Further colour work is due soon. I'll also get the files thus far converted into miniature clips to post here.

Pre Production Project:

Hacking through the list of stuff that has to be finished for this.
Concept is nailed, story layout is nailed, script needs to be typed up but is pretty much nailed.
Character designs are sorted and I'm down to the last turnaround.
Layout is finalised, backgrounds still need to be finished, as do storyboards.
Wow images and final cover are not yet done.

Here are the turnarounds that are complete so far (Minus Izumi the Potter)

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