Thursday, 26 May 2011

Moar Update

Third Year work:
Pieces thus far;
-Re-lining one shot
-Colour for Fall shot
-Colour for Lute Player
-Colour for Turn scene
-Colour for Interior of Coach shot
-Beginning of Colour for Kings celebration shot

Currently trying to render out the parts I have worked on for the final Production report. Dropbox seems intent on foiling me.

Negotiated Brief:

Draft 1 complete, ready to being Draft 2 of the script after feedback today. Am happy with the pacing, need to remove the narrated style and include dialogue and more visual story telling, rather than explanation. I have a good idea of how this should work out already. Onwards and upwards.

Pitch project:

Need to do character design work for my part of the trio. Will begin tommorow, have been copiling ideas mentally.

Animation Technologies:

Still need to begin serious work on this. Will begin over the weekend and early next week.