Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Walk it off

Latest 2D project completed;

Work has also been carrying on with regards to The Pack. The Grapic Novel has, finally, been put into the long and slightly clogged pipeline that is my production process.

Page 1, Page 2/Title Page

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Long time, no post

A slight break in work has meant no update. I hereby remedy that with a slightly late pixelation animation, with the idea in part coming from Scott Wiley and Stacey Remnant, animated by myself, and photographed and sound-edited by Nigel Kitts. (Yes, he sounds that goofy.)

Personal work time is going on more up to date designs for characters, story settings and other things that, hopefully, will find themselves animated in the not too distant future. The one I would really like to set to work on is a story called The Pack.

The Pack is set in a world where the people are what are known as anthromorphs, or simply anthros. Another name people tend to know this style of character by is 'Furry'. While technically true, the word itself is more often than not used in the context of an insult to those who draw or follow that style of art and character. As such, I refer to my art of that style as Anthro art, and always will do.

The Pack is based in England, in and around London. The year is around about 2030, a not too distant future, but the country as a whole is starkly different. The Government, complete with capital letter, is almost a police-controlled state, headed by the Anti-Anarchy-Strike-Force, or AASF, following a year long eruption into pure anarchy. Peace is now maintained by iron-fisted rule and the AASF. London was the worst hit, whole districs reduced to rubble, some areas of the city actually crumbling and sinking into the subway beneath. Overhead hangs the Smog, a congealing mass of cloud and fumes that never truly dissapitates, covering the city in perpetual gloom.

Against all these odds hope endures, namely in the form of the Track Runners, musicians and artists outlawed for not complying to the Governments strict censorship laws, who use the miles and miles of train tracks to keep one step ahead of the law, hosting gigs and shows for those brave enough to travel to them.

The Pack was the very first major story I started work on, and the one that brought forth the most ideas, including Winterwolf Arts itslef, which features heavily as a figurehead for the Track Runners of London. I would definitely like to work on The Pack as a major project while at university. Only time will tell, I suppose.