Friday, 19 February 2010

Artistic Babble

Been a while since the last post. Mostly due to holidays and then getting back into the swing of work.
And, boy, is there a lot of it.

So, just to update, here are the designs for four characters to be used in the up-coming flash 'lip sync' project. In the project, we choose a segment of a recorded interview with four students, and have to animate characters that lip sync with the spoken words.

Here are the concept designs for the four. I left out the interviewer, as her spoken segments are very quiet, and it would detract from the focus on the main characters having to change the view just for a few lines.

I'll keep the background simple, having the four character sat on and around a desk, to tie in with the artistic nature of the characters and the courses they are talking about.

I was inspired mostly by the Aardman animations used in the 'Creature Comforts' series, which is a similar brief to our own; animating characters in sync with recorded voices from interviews.

I also need to begin work on other projects; a 3D modeling project of a room, storyboard panels, an ident project and this lip sync project.
Needless to say, I'm going to be busy.