Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bring us back...a concept art!

Well, how about three pages?

Basic char design and knocking ideas around;

Defined first character, and front/side poses;

Second character, defined, front and side poses;

Stay tuned, more to follow asap.

Or I shall update you a second time!

New term, three new projects. Let's see, shall we?

Group Animation Project: Looks good. Myself, Stacey, Corrine, Lucy and Joe are tackling this one. We chose to do the 'What' project. The script is very simple; two people saying 'what' a total of five times. We have the character and story idea nearly pat down, and I'll be uploading stuff when it's finished and scanned in.

Animal Firm: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels meets Wind in the Willows? British cops and robbers with an anthro twist? Sign me up for this one, big time. Given a lot of my art (Read; majority of) is anthropomorphic, this is really a case of finding a story that works and making some characters I like. Then it should be plain sailing. Some period or contemporary research will probably go far here.

Experimental sketchbook project: After being initially confused on how to tie this in, I've managed with some help from Cathy to link it into the Animal Firm project, looking at Day to Day items and how they would work in a world where the people were different to humans. E.g. chairs with holes or room for tails, larger chairs for larger body types, hats and helmets with holes for larger ears/horns, etc.

Pictures to come of various work, and more rambling.