Saturday, 12 February 2011

Year Two, Term Two

Been far too long since I updated here, so this might be a long 'un.

First off, Pre-Production project, to whit; a character and story bible using four random pick cards to decide Main Character, Setting, Film type and Style.

Mine were;
Corner Shop
Silent Movie

Ideas at first were a little hazy. Hokusai instantly made me think of something Japanese. A banker in a corner shop, though? And a silent movie meant there had to be a strong story that was nevertheless easy to get across with nothing but location and gestures.
I don't remember the idea of a fable came from, honestly. But it suddenly made a hell of a lot of sense, and everything clicked into place.

So, I'm currently working on 'The Tale of the Greedy Banker'. It focuses on the titular banker, Hiroto, and his experiences with the four villagers that live in the 'Corner Shops', four shops arrayed in a little square by the river.

Some work so far;
Hokusai Research

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